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About Us

What is Popote all about?

Payments & Accounting Just Became a Joy!

Making payments by cash, cheques & transfers has risks, delays, hidden charges & causes accounting workload.

Popote replaces all your current payment methods with a single digital solution that amazingly also does your expense accounting automatically, so you can get on with what really matters.

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Popote Payment

Ideal For Small & Large Business's Alike!

Pay for absolutely everything from petties, supplies, salaries, utilities and even taxes. Accountants can initiate payments for managers or owners to approve. Payments are recorded as an expense account by GL's.

Popote Payment

Essential for Individuals & Households!

Make your day to day payments. Share one wallet with your spouse. Allow domestic help to go shopping & initiate payments for your remote approval. Track your budgets and get expense reports.

Popote Payment

The Future is Cashless & Digital!

Pay out 50/- to 10 Million. Delivery is instant to mobile nos, paybills, buygoods & local bank accounts. Dont't worry about accounting, it's done automatically. Export data to excel or full accounting systems.

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Who are the ideal Popote Customers?

Popote payment


  • Collaborate with your team, some can create payments, others can approve.
  • Account for expenditure by branch/outlet and by job/ project. Set budgets and get real time alerts when surpassing them.
  • Go paperless by attaching invoices, receipts etc Export expenses to your accounting package
Popote payment

Saccos & Chamas

  • Elect who can create payments and who can approve them
  • Disburse funds in bulk cheaply, securely and conveniently
  • All members can view expense accounts, reducing the need for meetings
  • Confidently undertake projects without worry of accounting
Popote payment


  • Enable your dependants to request you for funds using USSD for your real-time approval or denial
  • Avoid misuse of funds by ensuring direct payment to the end recipient e,g supermarket or hospital
  • Avoid high remittance costs, exorbitant foreign exchange rates and long waiting periods
  • Use our verification service where we inspect work progress, goods or services before you pay
Popote payment


  • Allow teenage kids and domestic staff to create payments for your remote approval
  • Track your household expenses, investments and projects
  • Pay domestic salaries with easy deductions for PAYE, NHIF and NSSF
Popote payment


  • Get your clients on popote and you'll be able to do their accounts in a fraction of the time.
  • Ensure your clients real time compliance with taxes and statutory payments
  • Export your clients expense accounts directly to your accounting software to quickly produce management and annual accounts


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